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Here are the top 5 BITCOIN Kings

New York. America’s prestigious magazine Forbes has released a list of billionaires who have become billionaires by trading currencies such as Bitcoin. This type of list has been released for the first time. The market of cryptocurrency like bitcoin, Ethereum, xrp, ripple is spread all over the world these days. Tje virtual currency has already been made a millionaire, and many have lost money.

According to the information, there are about 1500 types of cryptocurrencies in circulation and their value is approximately $ 550 billion. It is 31 times more than the initial value of 2017. The most popular currency bitcoin has seen a huge decline in just over a month. Although the governments of many countries are taking steps against it but it has not been stopped yet.

America’s Chris Larsen is named after Forbes’ list. His crypto net worth is estimated at 7.5 to 8 billion dollars (about 52 thousand million rupees). Larsen is Ripple co-founder. He is 57 years old.


1.Chris Larsen
Crypto Net worth – 7.5 to 8 billion dollars
Age -57 years
Country – United States

2. Joseph Lublin
Crypto Net worth- 1 to 5 billion dollars
Age – 53 years
Country – Canada

3. Xenpeng
Crypto Net worth – 1.1 to 2 billion dollars
Age – 41
Country – China

4. Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss
Crypto Net worth – $ 90 million to $ 1.1 billion
Age – 36 years
Cameron and Tylor are twins.
Country – United States

5. Matthew Mellon
Crypto Net worth – $ 90 million to 1 billion dollars
Age – 54 years
Country – United States

A Japanese company will soon start to pay a part of the salary of its employees as BITCOIN. The spokesperson said that the goal of the company is to create a better understanding of virtual currency. ‘GMO Internet’ will pay 1,00,000 yen ($ 890) per month through bitcoin for its employees from February next year.

This company operates a series of web-related businesses including finance, online advertising and Internet infrastructure. Company spokesman Haromi Ishi said, “If employees want, they can take their pay as bitcoin.” They said, “We expect that by using it we will be able to improve the understanding of our virtual currency.”

According to the company, about 4000 employees of GMO Group will be given this facility. The company started the Bitcoin business and exchange business in May.

Ref: Forbes

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