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Function Key Light Keeps Glowing in Laptop


Problem Description:

Recently I faced an annoying issue in my Lenovo L460 ThinkPad Laptop. The Function key light was glowing permanently. Previously it was not so. I restarted my laptop several times still the issue was not resolved. It was a big trouble for me to be solve. Please see below image showing the issue:


Most surprisingly the solution was very simple and you will feel amazed about it. Simply to get rid of this issue press your function key + Escape button (Fn+Esc) which is just left upper corner of your laptop. If you press it the light glowing in function key will disappear. That’s it !! 🙂

Function key + esc key
Function key + esc key

Similarly, when you press it again the light will glow again. See Below Image for your comfort:

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