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Auto Expo 2018: Maruti’s 3rd Generation Swift Launch

New Delhi. On the second day of the auto expo 2018, Maruti has introduced its most popular car Swift in a new avatar. New Swift petrol and diesel will be available in both variants. While petrol variant is of 1197 cc, the diesel variant has an engine 1248 cc. Swift is the third generation of the company.

Starting price of Rs.4.99 lakh

Maruti’s 3rd Generation Swift’s petrol version has been priced at Rs.4.99 lakh. While the initial price of the diesel version is Rs.5.99 lakhs.

The cost of petrol version is between Rs.4.99 lakh and Rs.7.29 lakh. The price of petrol automatic version is between Rs.6.34 lakh and Rs.6.96 lakh.

Speaking about the diesel version of this car, they cost from Rs.5.99 lakh to Rs.8.29 lakh. The price of the diesel automatic version is between Rs.7.34 lakh and Rs.7.96 lakh.

Petrol Variant

VXi AGS6,34,000/-
ZXi AGS6,96,000/-

Diesel Variant

VDi AGS 7,34,000/-
ZDi AGS7,96,000/-

How much will be mileage?

Petrol mt-22 km per liter

Petrol AMT- 22 km per liter

Diesel MT-28.4 km per liter

Diesel AMT-28.4 km per liter

How big is the new Swift?

Maruti Suzuki Swift
Maruti Suzuki Swift

The new swift will be more spacious than ever before and along with the long wheelbase, more cabin space, headroom and luggage space will come together. All New Swift is 40mm longer than the old model. Also, its wheel base is also 20mm more. Its lagaz space has been increased to 58 liters, which is about 28 percent more than the second generation. At the same time, its headroom is about 24mm more.

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What did the company say?

Maruti Suzuki Senior Executive Director (Marketing & Sales) R. S. Kalsi said that all New Swift is the premium hatchback segment car offering its own design, advanced technology, uplift performance and better driver experiences.

Swift’s new avatar will fulfill the expectations of the youth and the needs of changing customers. Kalsi said that we are delighted to start booking the All New Swift and we are looking at its Grand Expo 2018 in its Auto Expo.

Suzuki’s fifth generation HEARTECT platform has already started booking the new Swift. The company said that this car was presented with both petrol and diesel engines. Petrol variants have 1.2 liters and diesel has 1.3 liter engines.

Special features

-Dual air bags.

-Reverse parking sensors.

-Security alarm system.

Swift Interior
Swift Interior

Auto Expo 2018: Companies showcase the industry’s future, 2018 no 2030’s preparation.

Showcased over 65 vehicles on its first day.

On the first day of the show, where the best cars were seen, the second day began with Powerful Bikes. On Thursday, the launch of Maruti Suzuki Swift will be done. Apart from this, many electric cars, bikes and scooters will also be showcase.

On the second day, Cleveland Cycle Works first introduced its first bike Misfit Jane II, which is the first bike in the company’s country.

The company will also launch its S Deluxe, S Café, S. Scambler in the first phase.

Cars show up on first day.

On the first day of the auto expo 2018, many big companies such as Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Tata Motors, Mahindra introduced Hybrid and Electric vehicles. Automobile companies showcase 65 plus two-wheeler and four wheeler showcase or launch at Auto Expo. The special thing is that auto companies also have a glimpse of their plans for high bridges and electric technology.

Focus on electric vehicles

Automobile companies have full focus on Auto Expo 2018 on electric vehicles. Tata Motors has placed its Plevilian theme with Smart CT Smart Mobility, where the company introduced the electric avatar of its existing models such as Tiago and Tigor. Apart from this, the electric bus has also been introduced on behalf of the company.

Mahindra has named its Pavilion as Future Mobility. Here the green and clean vehicles were introduced by the company. The company has also showcased the Electric Mobility Solution. Apart from this, an electric vehicle e-Survivor has also been showcased by Maruti Suzuki India.


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